Agriturismo poggio agli ulivi

The early twentieth century the farm Pappasole was part of a family owned Collavoli (Farm original end of 1700) in the Val di Cornia in the municipalities of Piombino and Campiglia Marittima in Tuscany.

Today, the same family has continued its commitment to the rural sector in this case of ‘Farmhouse Poggio agli Ulivi.

The two farms Pappasole Pappasole 1 and 2 were primarily concerned with production of oil and wine and of course breeding of dairy cows, beef cows, oxen and helped work in the fields and were taken to sea when they needed to be washed.

They lived families of employees who succeeded in different farms based on the organizational needs of the company work.

They were occupied, under the guidance of a factor in the production of wine from grapes of Trebbiano, Malvasia Toscana and used the cellar for the grape harvest of smaller farms in the area and oil from old trees (the same as that currently produce oil Poggio agli Ulivi extra virgin IGP) that used the adjacent mill in loc. Saint Giulia family.

The farm externally remained untouched over the years. Today we recognize the signs of the old barn with forage fodder, the manure, the oven and the mill. The farm specializes in the cultivation of olive trees and vineyards were replaced in 2011 by a new plant olive trees.